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CyberDefenderFREE 2.0

CyberDefenderFREE 2.0: CyberDefenderFREE zaps online threats faster, protecting against identity theft. Internet security suite that finds infections other security software misses, offering protection from spyware, viruses, spam, phishing and Internet identity theft. CyberDefenderFREE provides rapid detection and protection against fast-moving online security threats while working alongside other antivirus and security software. The company’s patent-pending earlyNETWORK™ is the world’s first distributed system for security updates which detects

Crisystec Sentry.30 3.0: CrisystecSentry, easy to use powerful system
Crisystec Sentry.30 3.0

tools from recovering data. Once data is destroyed with Crisystec Sentry, it is gone forever and can not be recovered. Cleaning up the history of your activities can be a time consuming process, having to manually remove each history file or entry - and it actually won`t help. You Need Crisystec Sentry. This software, CRISYSTEC SENTRY will also clean and boost your Windows system whilst recovering valuable hard disk space and it comes preconfigured

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Internet Security 2014 delivers premium PC protection from all Internet threats, including the most sophisticated of them, ensuring you`re always safe as you use the web to bank, shop, surf, social network, and more. Unique technologies, such as Safe Money and Secure Keyboard, protect your financial transactions via online banks, payment systems such as PayPal, and e-stores. Plus, Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is optimized for maximum performance

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Panda Internet Security 2007 11.00.00

Internet threats. It doubles your PC security with TruPrevent Technologies, protecting against unknown viruses and intruders.Panda Internet Security 2007 permanently protects your PC and confidential information, such as credit cards numbers, photographs, Social Security number etc. against hackers, viruses, spyware and online fraud, including phishing and pharming. Panda Internet Security 2007 provides additional protection against intruders, even

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Internet Security Logger 1.1: Save all Internet traffic on the hard drive to measure the security risks.
Internet Security Logger 1.1

- Do you want to know what kind of information programs send from your computer to their owners? - Are you a network or system administrator and need to save all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic on the hard disk in order to measure the security risks? In both cases Internet Security Logger can be a vital tool for you!

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CyD Network Utilities - Security tools  2010 SP3: Is a set of network tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your comp
CyD Network Utilities - Security tools 2010 SP3

Is a set of network tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer`s network connections. CyD Network Utilities - Security tools offers many TCP/IP utilities in one program. CyD Network Utilities - Security tools include: Net designer, Ports Scanner, Share Scaner, ARP table manage...

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Internet Security Tweak Pro 6.2: Enhance security of your PC and Internet usage with this powerful tool
Internet Security Tweak Pro 6.2

Internet Security Tweak is an utility that customizes different features of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It`s a snap to use and provides the tools you need to retain and manage your Web browser settings. It lets you disable individual menu items and disable individual tabs in the Internet Options dialog, as well as specific settings from each tab. It prevents others from editing your Favorites. Still other settings let you change the title

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